April 06, 2003

Dark Saint - Druid Ridge Cemetery, Baltimore, MD


Posted by Crowolf at April 6, 2003 11:10 PM

It was a most pleasent surprise to find your "Dark Saint", who is overlooking my great aunt and uncle, Harriette Flora and Carl Raymond GRAY. I would appreciate a copy if you were so inclined to donate one for inclusion in both booklets, "CARL RAYMOND GARY" and of his prents "THE GRAYS FROM MAINE" distributed among the schools, libraries and historical organizations in Arkansas where Carl was born, raised and had his railroad start.

Bill Boggess
1100 8th Ave. S. ; #109
Naples, FL 34102

below from "R+THE GRAYS FROM MAINE":

   Carl Raymond GRAY (1867AR-1939WASH), tall, slim, intelligent, after first train arrived June 8, 1881 with 10 y/o Swaney aboard (at age 94, Mr. W.W. Swaney on last train leaving 18 Sept 1965) -- paid station master $5/month to teach him telegraphy at Fayetteville's Frisco depot (see photo) on Gray's former homestead.

   Tuesday, 20 March 1883, Carl Raymond GRAY, age 15 launched a 56-year legendary railroad career at Rogers, AR, as Frisco Railroad employee, returning weekends, until 1884 promotion as Rogers station master, then transferred to Oswego, Labette County, KS, meeting and marrying his love, Hattie A. FLORA.(1869KS-1956ME), Monday, 6 Dec 1886, on $60/month salary & $4.00 in pocket. Harriette Amanda, with older brother Clarence Milton (1868KS-1924OK), children of John Flora (1845IN-1934KS), ex-Army indian scout, and Mary Elizabeth Shults (1850OH-1874KS) were among first white children born in Wilson, later Montgomery County, KS (Former Osage Indian Territory until 1867 & 1869).

   Harriette, Carl's loving wife, mother of his three sons, enjoyed their 50th wedding anniversary with 1400 guest, (1200 older UP employees), in Omaha, NE, reported in Life Magazine, 21 Dec 1936, pages 68-72 recording the gala event, --- page 17, Time magazine's 3 May 1937 issue, announced Harriette selected "American Mother of 1937", she also, one of first women with a national radio Bible Class.

   Carl Raymond GRAY, that tall, slim, intelligent, 15 y/o Fayetteville, AR lad in 1883, s/o Oliver & Virginia GRAY, later found; 1)- with honorary LL.D. degrees from; a)- U of Maryland, 1916, b)- U of Arkansas, 1929, c)- Washington and Jefferson College, 1937, d)- Sioux Falls College, 1937, 2)- served many railroad companies as president, lastly --- Union Pacific 1920-1937, 3)- provided nation; a)- first 'Streamline Passenger Train', Monday, 12 Feb 1934, b)- fabulous ski-resort, at Sun Valley, Idaho in 1936, 4)- advisor to president Wilson & Roosevelt, and 5)- Vice Chairman of UP, whose's 56 year career ended Tuesday, 9 May 1939, following leisurely dinner with sons, Carl Raymond Jr, (1889KS-1955WS) & Russell Davis (1899KS-1974NJ), coincidentally in nation's capitol, dying in bed at Mayflower Hotel, Washington D. C., within a few hours of historic Union Pacific engine (see photo) arrival, used in exploitation of the motion picture "Union Pacific", scheduled for exhibition in the Capital. The picture was being shown at Strand Theater when news of Mr. GRAY's death was announced!

Posted by: Bill Boggess at July 13, 2004 04:05 PM

   Carl Raymond GRAY, called "Tarty" by his mother, was a tall, slim, intelligent, 15 y/o Fayetteville, AR lad in 1883, born in Princeton, Dallas County, AR, s/o early (1874) faculty members at Arkansas Industrial University (1899, became University of Arkansas) Colonel Oliver Crosby (1832ME-1905AR) & Virginia LaFayette (Davis)(1834ME-1886AR) GRAY, documented, he, 4-years a Confederate Officer (Captain), starting their engineering school, she with 1863-1866 diary published 1983 in Arkansas Historical Quarterly and starting their art department.

Posted by: Bill Boggess at July 15, 2004 07:05 AM
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